Airtabledata Plugin

A simple way to get your Airtable data into your sketch symbols.

Fill data in advanced ways

Fill your data using multiple flexible methods.

Simple names

Just link the layer to your Airtable column by giving it the same name. Whether it's and image or a text layer, it will fill your data effortlessly.

Advanced filling

There are several helper tools available, for example # WiFi • will fill the symbol WiFI amount of times, so if your WiFi field has a value of 4 this layer would be filled with ••••.

Inline JavaScript

There is also a full-fledged JavaScript evaluator available by using the prefix >. This means you can create all sorts of special dynamic layers, go nuts!

Inline JavaScript

Need to fill a specific record? No problem! Just refrence the record ID in the symbol or parent folder name by including it prefaced by an @ and you're good to go.

Try it out!

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